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PWD Foundation

Calimel Cares art & gifts

PWD Pedigree Study Group

September 28, 2006



The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America is the parent club of the breed in this country. check out their many services as . You can't believe how beautiful The Courier magazine is until you've seen it. The site is chock full of info about the club, regional clubs, health information, and referral information.


The Portuguese Water Dog Club of the Twin Cities is my local club, established in 1986. We have a veritable smorgasbord of fun, education, competition, social events. And more. Here are a few of us laughing at winter at a Valentine's day get together. Their website is


More good places

Portuguese Water Dog Foundation A nonprofit organization that funds and reports research on health issues affecting Portuguese Water Dogs. In addition to tax deductible contributions, you can buy clothing and the incomparable and excellent "Don't Turn Your Back" cookbook.


Calimel Cares--really nice PWD gifts and clothing designed by  PWD owner Deb Bender. Art and pictures of PWDS, the "Portuguese Water Dog Alphabet", and more. All proceeds go to supporting health research in Portuguese Water Dogs through the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation

PWD Pedigree Study Group

Want to see pictures of the dogs those names on the pedigrees represent? Or, have some pedigrees or pictures you'd like to add to our collective knowledge? Visit the following: PWD Pedigree Study Group   And see photos of dogs from long ago and today as well at:

The PWD PSG is a database of the pedigrees of ALL PWDs we can find! There are presently 26,576 records in our database. This is an international database and includes pets as well as show dogs. We are seeking copies of official pedigree documents for our research archive and photographs for our pedigree gallery. Browsing the gallery is free; copies of the database are available for a minimum $25 donation to the PWD Foundation and payment of shipping/handling costs ($6 in the USA- we do ship internationally).



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