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About PWDs and Restora Kennel


Where the links will take you~ We're still under construction, but when we're done, here's what the site will contain. Please use the feedback form to give us your ideas about how to make this website better!

About will introduce you to the breed and to us here at Restora...all to help you understand why we say "Sure, we like this breed, but it's not for everybody!"



Ship's Log is a photo gallery of water trials and life with PWDs. Here's some warm cuddly stuff, and the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction stories also.



In Courier, you will find links to the national breed club, the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, our breed standard, info on serious health issues found in PWDs, some great shopping sites, and thoughts for every potential dog owner who wants to make a good purchase.



Put faces with names by clicking on Current Crew. Meet Skye, Grace, and Julie, with pictures and pedigrees--and some shameless bragging by me, too!



Meet our foundation dogs and some faithful friends at From the Past.


Favorite ports is a miscellany of writing about PWDs, and Workshops gives you a little information on the training available from Kathy.

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Ship's Log--photos, true tales, news
Courier--links & food for thought
Current Crew
From the past--memories & salutes
Restora Family--photos, info, and litters
Favorite Ports & Charts--articles, etc.
Workshops and Training


RESTORA Portuguese Water Dogs

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Minnesota, USA



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  • Water workshops and seminars

  • Therapy Dog training

  • Puppies occasionally available

    About our link buttons:

    The rooster is the traditional symbol of good luck in Portugal. Many boats in the fishing fleets in which PWDs worked were adorned with roosters to bring fair winds, calm seas, and nets filled to the brim!