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October 30, 2006

The name Restora

Restora H litter August, 2006

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The kennel name Restora comes from the same root word as "restaurant" and "restoration" meaning to soothe, to renew. It is an apt phrase for the incredible benefits we receive from sharing our lives with dogs. According to Celtic lore, Restora was a great healer, with a love of animals and nature, and a desire to learn the language of animals. For a more personal connection, see the name Restora below.


This picture captures so well the promise of a new puppy. This is Charger from the Restora "C" litter with his young owner.


George Maughan, enjoying the Duluth, MN typical winter of snow to his chest! Owner Rebecca M.





Ziggy Ellis guarding the deck at 3 1/2 months of age. Owners Chris and Gayla E.






"Mo," BIS, BISS Ch. DeLeao's Amadeus of Kimlyn, CD, WWD, OA, OAJ, NA, and more, bred by Rosie Baldwin and Renee Reiherzer and owned by Bee  and Robert Souza, is sire of the Restora G litter puppies pictured here--George, Ziggy, Art, Julie, Gypsy Here Mo and Bee compete in a water trial.

So, where did the kennel name "Restora" come from? The Restoration was the first boat of Norwegian immigrants to this country, arriving in 1825. It was a small boat, a single masted sloop, whose owners and passengers were fleeing religious persecution in Norway. During the voyage, the boat was blown off course by a huge storm. Because of the extended trip, a young woman gave birth to a child that she had hoped would be born in this country. When the boat reached New York, because of the infant, the passengers were considered "over tonnage," or overcrowded under new and strict immigration laws. For months, they languished in quarantine in New York harbor, ironically prisoners seeking the same religious freedom as the Pilgrims several centuries before.

Finally, public outcry over their fate reached the ears of James Monroe, then President of the United States. He issued a proclamation allowing "The Sloopers," as they were called, to disembark and begin new lives in the United States. Many of those Norwegians and their descendants settled in Minnesota. James Monroe is an uncle several generations back in my family tree, and I liked the spirit of caring and adventure that linked me many years ago to this state and to immigrants crossing the ocean to begin new lives, much as our breed has done.

The Restora H litter

Restora H Pedigree

The G litter was Gracenote bred to Amadeus, my "Beautiful Music" litter. I'm looking forward to seeing puppies born  August 1, 2006 grow up. They are from a breeding of Grace to C.B. Baluarte de Alvalade via the wonders of modern medicine (C.B. is the abbreviation for Champion used in Portugal). Balu--the name means "foundation" or "bulwark" in Portuguese--was imported from Portugal by Sonja and Jimmy Santos at the age of 5.  The picture on the left was taken on Long Island when he was 9 years old. Balu was half brother to the famous MBIS Ch Charlie de Alvalade. Balu was the sire and grandsire of many of our early champions and water titlists, including the first American-bred Best In Show Winner, Ch. Gozo do Mar, Gaucho's brother, and the first bitch Courier Water Dog, Ch. Marinheira Flor de Mar, UD, CWD, POM, ROM, Gaucho's half sister. In addition to beautiful type, his puppies were known for their calmer (relatively speaking) dispositions and tremendous attachment to people. This certainly will be my "High Hopes" litter! You can follow their progress at early picturesweeks 3 & 4, Labor Day weekend, Out and About, and Pool Party pictures.

Balu's health stats: OFA Normal, GM1-L, died prior to OptiGen test development or CERF requirement. Having produced both OptiGen A and C dogs, he is proven by breeding to have been a B.

     Veterinary Care

Okay, I brag up my vets so much that folks have said they don't believe they exist. Here are pictures to prove it!

At Home Vet Clinic, Stillwater, MN--Dr. Art Rutscher and Beverly caught in action here. Skye, Grace, Julie, and pups are also loved and well cared for by Dr. Amy Kruchowski and Lynn, aided by Brody the Labradoodle.










Veterinary Specialty Practice, St. Louis Park, MN--Dr. Dennis Olivera and his wonderful staff give the dogs their annual eye exams. Dennis is great at eye exams, but he needs a little more practice in getting a pup to wave at the camera...






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