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Born August 1, 2006



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These pups are going to be social butterflies! They were born on Tuesday and had their first car ride on Friday. Neighbors stopped by on Thursday and Saturday (I'm lucky to live on a street with great neighbors and almost everyone owns at least one dog).

Sunday Lynda and Paul stopped by for cuddling, oohing and aahing, and brought coffee, the church bulletin, and a CD of the morning's sermon for me!

Wednesday Steve, Mary, and Ann brought dinner and stayed for weighing, and early neurological stimulation exercises.

Ann with the red elf and Grace, who seems to be grinning that a baby sitter was helping out!


Yellow girl sleeps through being weighed




Sunday was a birthday party for Molly, who looked, stroked, and kissed under the watchful eyes (and firm grip!) of her parents. See how it went! (Quick time video, takes a few seconds to load). If you're in a hurry, here are a few still shots:

















The pups at six days old:

The Blues Sisters








The Pink Rockers Light pink collar girl, dark pink collar boy

With rear strength like this at 6 days old, think he might be a jumper like his mom?








Black and white, both boys

The Elves--Red boy and green girl








Lemon and Lime--the wavies, lemon girl (left) and lime boy

Week Two:

These pups are fascinating me. Before they were even two weeks old, four had escaped from the whelping box. By 16 days, they were walking on all fours, albeit a bit wobbly. Their ears opened right on schedule on August 19.

Here are the pics from week 2, taken August 16.

The Blues Sisters








 The Pink Rockers (girl on the left)








 Black and White (neither brown boy with black collar nor black boy with white collar felt like posing--sorry!)








The Elves (can you see why Green girl was one of the first out of the whelping box?) BTW, Red boy is now called "Husker"--Go Nebraska!








 Lemon and Lime Lemon girl (on the left) seems to think she is beautiful...or maybe just wants to go back to sleep...







And just so you can see how fast they are growing,

here is Lime boy one week earlier:

...and compare the size of the puppy to Ann in this picture to the size in the 1 week old picture above.






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