Restora H Litter~Born August 1, 2006

Week 3 and 4 pictures



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The social whirl continued with a car ride to visit neighbors,  visitors arriving for the TC Specialty weekend, first trip to the deck, beginning to see toys, and Sherpa bag rides. Our huge thanks to Steve, Mary, Ann, Harlow, Sally, Chip, Bev, Anne, Katie, Marv, Karen, Melissa, Bill, Sue, Joanne, Kaitlin, Drew, Scott, and Candy! First lapping from saucers, followed quickly by first gruel.

Chip~The car ride crew~Brown boy

Bill & Husker~Bev with ?????~Joanne & Kaitlin

Husker side~Light pink girl on deck~Lime side


Milker toy!~Harlow~Green elf

Sally & Harlow greet their guests~Candy hypnotizes light blue girl~Lemon

White side view~Tails!--Sherpa walkers Kaitlin, Drew, and Joanne

Scott & brown boy

Dark blue girl and dark pink boy were too busy eating and sleeping to make this week's blog...