Restora H Litter~Born August 1, 2006

First Pool Party



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Another busy week. First stacking on the table, another car ride. They had fun, topped off with their first pool party. For most of the pups, the water was almost a "non-event"...okay, what's this?....okay, it's wet...okay, in/out/in/out. Then on to towels, posing, and sleeping.

   BB King looks...and stakes his claim







If the pup is wet, then everyone should get wet...launching from Sue's lap...

     Dk Blue surveys the scene

BB and Green sleep it off...must think they swam the English channel.

BB and Lime getting toweled off.

     The Blue's Sister's turn--Light (left) ready for more, dark (right) ready for nap.

Husker and white boy take their turn

     Green couldn't be bothered with the camera, but Lemon obliged nicely

     And the Pink Rockers--boy here, light pink used up all her camera time in the pool--they both seem to have a special affection for Molly, maybe just because her mom Melissa doesn't like the color pink at all!