Ports of Call ~ (a miscellany of thoughts about PWDs)

June 29, 2006

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  • PWD Aggression: Can It Happen to You?  Nobody wants to talk about aggression, but as owners of members of a strong-willed and energetic breed, we need to give some thought to how it can arise and how it can be handled. I'm very proud that with the help of Terry Cardillino's excellent layout skills and editorial advice, this article won the 2005 Maxwell Award for Best Feature Article in a Breed Magazine given by the Dog Writer's Association of America. It first appeared in the May/June 2005 special health issue of The Courier.

  • Exercise and the Immune System A bit more detail on healthy exercise from The Courier,  May/June 2005.

  • The Working Rings Trilogy An allegorical view of how history, form, and function exist in today's Portuguese Water Dog in the USA. This article first appeared in the Working Dog Digest in April of 2005.

  • Lost! After a lost dog is sighted, what a searcher does next can be the difference between success and failure in bringing the dog in safely.

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