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From Hawaii to New Jersey, Minnesota to Arizona, from single day introductions to three day intensive work on advanced levels, I love sharing and coaching. Giving workshops allows me to combine my experience with water trials and judging, education in Adult Education, academic research on human-animal relationships, and most of all my love of the working dog. We work hard, and we have fun!

I also have available talks and workshop formats on Therapy Dog Training that cover both testing and visiting. These presentations have been given at various places like the annual MN Hospice Conference, Regions Hospital, and White Bear Racquet and Swim Club.


          Hawaii, organized by Trudi Gold, Anchor Portuguese Water Dogs

In the beautiful Pacific, on a white sandy beach--what a great day! And yes, that's a Golden Retriever on the right. We had boxers, Standard Schnauzers, and poodles, too. They did amazingly well!





         California, sponsored by Portuguese Water Dog Club of Northern California

Ali and Kathy work on keeping hand signals direct, straight, and strong. Ali's entire body is directed towards the destination, giving her dog a clear visual signal.






Photo by Vorhies


         Ohio sponsored by PAWZitive Beginnings Canine Workshops (see their website at  )

Excellent leading position--out in front of the dog, target hand close to the water's surface, body angle away from the dog in an inviting posture. Ilse and Onyx doing it right!





Lisa and Havoc and Mary and Cash show how one of the most difficult Courier exercises starts out in training--short and simple--the dog doesn't have to think about swimming away from shore with the object (which goes against instinct and training for the lower levels) until it has been rewarded for delivering the line away from shore but while still walking.


On the right, Tamara sends Tess to shore, keeping her hand in position to save time and avoid confusion if Tess should look back. Great hand position--straight arm and hand pointing towards the destination, thumb tucked in, no distracting body language.


My apologies to the Labs, Vizlas and JRTs for not selecting pictures of them, too <g>.


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