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August 30, 2006

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Portolano's Helms Alee Rainmaker CD, CWD,

Delta Pet Partner


bred by Debra Barcon

Skye's pedigree

Shye's health stats: No OFA, GMI, or OptiGen;

 CERF# PW--4374/2006-82

                                                      Skye on the right


  Skye on the left


Skye in the air



               Skye everywhere!






Skye is a great dog--funny, socially adept with dogs and humans alike. She'd be greater if I had the time to train her to her demands--about 28 hours a day might be enough for her! I am amazed at how she curtails her energy when doing therapy dog visits--she understands the work at hand...


Ch, Tanaki Gracenote O Helms Alee, JWD


bred by David Barry and Valerie Little

Grace's pedigree

Grace's health stats: OFA Good; GM1 normal; OptiGen A,

CERF # PW-4373/2006--58


Grace at 8 weeks old                                                             Grace at two years old                                                          Grace doing water work at 3 years old









Grace showing in conformation at 3 years old


Restora Giubilo (Giubilo is a musical term for a song of jubilation and rejoicing)


bred by Kathryn Monroe

Julie's pedigree

Julie's health stats: CERF# PW-5288/2006--16, too young to OFA

Not yet GM1 tested (both parents normal). Not yet OptiGen tested, from an A to B breeding.


With an attitude like this (on the left)  at only

5 weeks old, I'm really not sure if I kept Julie

because her structure was so lovely or because

I didn't think anyone else would want to live with her! She is energetic and full of mischief, thinks cuddling means sitting on my head when I lie down, would rather go over or through anything than around it, and is enjoying puppyhood to the max. I think I will survive...





     Julie at 5 weeks old                                                                                                                                Julie at 9 months old

Flash--On August 25, 2006, Julie won Winner's Bitch from the Bred by Exhibitor class at the PWD Club Twin Cities Specialty for a 5 point major. It was especially an honor to be selected by Dr. Betty Trainor with her long association with our breed.

This show marked the 20th Anniversary of the founding of our club, and the competition was as strong as the camaraderie was high. It was raining for most of the conformation showing, but we didn't care!

Photo by B. Ironside






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